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From ArcelorMittal

STYLTECH (Trade Marked)

Please refer to our brochure (English language avaiable shortly), our STYLTECH houses are the top of the range in quality, flexability and allow Architectural Creativity. Will will provide all designs, engineering calculations and finishings,  to your requirments. Please email sales@pga-consultants.net outlining your requirments

PROTEA (Trade Marked) Housing from ArcelorMIttal Construction:

The Lowest  Cost: Frameless Construction: Very Fast Build, complete with insulated walls (with windows and Doors Kit IF required) all  in one erection sequence, see our brochure  Protea Kit sizes come in standard 12m2, 20m2, 30m2, 40m2, 55m2, 71m2 and 100m2. Please email sales@pga-consultants.net outlining your requirments

Please click on link below to see/download brochure


Protea Houses

Email: design@pga-consultants.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 7800 888 251

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