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Specialist Design Engineers for Roofing, Facades.

PGA Consultants provide Structural services to the Roofing and Installation Industries for the Roofing, Walling, Specialist Facades to Global markets


February 2016

PGA are proud to announce that they have entered in to partnership with Leak Testing Limited who provide Gutter Maintenance without the need for access for building up to 4 Stories as they have Telescopic Cameras and Vacuums especially designed for this purpose. We are also now able to offer both dry and wet leak testing   

October 2015

PGA are pleased to launch the new software range,  go to GET SOFTWARE icon for your 30 day free trial by pressing download  

July 2015

PGA will still offer design and advice concerning Aluminium Gutters,  cutting edge design for Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems up to 11 stories in height and Water Consevation.

PGA have decided that as it appears to be difficult to locate specialist decking knowledge on the web,  we are now focusing on this important structural element of the roofing and walling,  as independents we are able to provide unbiased decking options. 

PGA now specialise in offering an independent structural decking advise service,  we work with all the major suppliers of decking throughout Europe.  We will provide the most suitable deck for your application be it in the UK or Globally.

December 2014

The Floline Factory Curved Structural Roof Deck/Sheeting range has now been added to our range of specialist decks with span up to 15 metres possible, the Floline 70 has been successfully used on the Chernobyl Sarcophagus.Please visit the Decks and Walls tab  

November 2014

English Load Span Tables added for the C38 and C50 the unique  decking profile that conceals the mechanical fixings for single ply and insulation. Please visit the Decks and Walls tab

July 2014

PGA introduce Komet profile especially designed to carry Solar Panels without the need for special framing

Please see our brochure

March 2014

PGA are proud to announce the near completion of the Cardington Airship Hanger please view the 2 You Tube Links here we trust you will find them interesting and


February 2014

PGA are pleased to announce that from April 2014  we will be able to provide any obsolete profiles for Roofing, Decking or Cladding in lengths up to 12m long for the refurbishment sector


January 2014

PGA are pleased to announce they are now the sole appointed sales outlet for Saucer Solutions Limited based in Glasgow our area of operation is South of Stafford together with clients who we already have contacts with

October 2013

PGA arenow able to offer site supervision for the erection of Structural Steel Framestogether with the installation of all types of Roofing and Walling Systems, ournew team members have just completed the supervisor of the Steel Frame and30000m2 of Ondatherm 900 secret fix roofing panel by ArcelorMittal, forthe Regional Capitols Stadium in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, PGA are therefore wellversed in working throughout Africa,  by training localoperatives the skills required in all the countries on the continent of Africa

September 2013

PGA isplease to announce that we are now responsible for the sales and marketing ofSaucer Solutions Limited based in Scotland, PGA covers the England fromthe South of Manchester, within the next few weeks we will include a linkto their new website where you can register for prices online for fixings,flashings, framing etc etc  

August 2013

PGA isproud to announce that we our now able to promote for International Projectsthe range site profiling roofing range and PUR and Mineral Woool facadepanels from a well-established Malaysian company, please visit ourInternational Profiles page

March 2013

PGAConsultants are now able to supply light gauge steel framing we include in ourservice thermal calculations and dew point calculations

Febuary 2013

PGAConsultants recommends REBTEL please visit the link, the voice quality isexcellent superior to other VoiP it can be used on your PC, Smartphoneincluding Blackberry, using Wi-Fi or 3G

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PGAConsultants are now promoting the Fatra Raintite bonded singleply system idealfor all your steel gutter fabrication requirements, for the EuropeanMarket and Globally.


PGAConsultants are now able to provide main Contractors with a total solution,from Design, Most Economical material Selection and Installation working withour approved installers. Allow us to cost your projects. Please email dwg's andB of Q's to

January 2013

PGAConsultants have now added the iconic Promisol Fi4CN Bi Modular Facade Panel tothe website, for reference ArcelorMIttal have re branded the panel as Planeaplease look under Panels section

December 2012

PGAConsultants have now added Hairock S to the website ArcelorMIttal as systemusing Structural trays and Stonewool able to achieve U values down to 0.20,Cutting cost of recycling whilst making site installation easier as lighterhandling properties over traditional stonewool Composite panels, Hairock Scompliments our K'energy patented range.

September 2012

PGAConsultants introduce the ACCORDIAN system of support trimmers for openings inroofs and walls, the addition to our range compliments our wide range ofStuctural Deckings, Structural Trays and Composite Panels. The cost benifitsusing this solution are enormous as take takes away the design co-ordinationbetween the steelwork designer, M&E and H&V engineers, as it allows anyopening to be placed in any position right up to the last minute please followlink ACCORDIAN

ACCORDIANcan be used with any system and is sold separately in flat packs for ease oftransportation.

Pleaseemail us for costs, all we require is opening sizes and purlin centres


pgaconsultants are now able to offer gutter and outlet calculations for waterdischarge

August 2012


p g aintroduce to their range of high performance roofing solutions Hi-Drain roofdrainage system fully tested for peice of mind for years to come Hi-Drain please click the link

ArvalGlobalTherm™ MINERGY
Arval respects the nature. Products for roof and wall systems are manufacturedin accordance with latest green technologies. Sustainability on all fabricationlevels is a commitment with tradition at ArcelorMittal.
For more information on steel and sustainability kindly consult our brochure Steel solutions for green Buildings

July 2012

TheCorfra5 sofware program has been added to the web site, please visit the DecksButton and click on Concrete Composite Floor Deck Profiles

July 2012

Discover cladding systems for different support materials, such as metal, wood,concrete or brickwork. Combine aesthetics with the ease of construction usingsophisticated assembly methods.
Design creative facades with a huge selection of materials, such ascolour-coated steel, aluminium, copper or stainless steel in matt, patinated,brushed or with a high-gloss look.

Visibledynamics with pioneering technology with ArcelorMittal

Architectureis an art, through which the imagination is emotionally enriched by externalimpressions. The search for an optimal interplay of facade and roof is aconstructive challenge for the planner. A comprehensive notion of buildingstructure no longer ends with the facade nowadays. The roof is now included asthe „fifth facade“ taking all structural functions into consideration.

Whethermade of coloured steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc or copper, the wideselection of materials and shapes provided by Arval makes it easy to createcomplex design elements, thus opening up the limits of design for almost anyconceivable form.

Arval aresystems and solutions for creative architecture.

Ondatherm900 secret fix roof panel
Product documentation and installation guides have been added to the websiteplease click on Panels button

July 2012

ExpandedMetal Mesh
We have now added the range of expanded metal available please click on theWalls button

July 2012

K'energythe Patented Composite Facade Panel that allows to external Skin to be fixedStructurally !!!
K'energy information and video has been added to the web site please click onthe Walls button and download the video zip file to see just how Kénergy worksstructurally giving peace of mind over many years. Brochure and Specificationdownload are also there for viewing and downloading. Because of the structuralelement of Kénergy we believe K'energy will become the bench mark for compositepanel support systems in the future.

July 2012

Long SpanConcrete Floor Deck Cofraplus 220
The ArcelorMittal Construction Cofraplus 220 long span additve flooring profilehas been added to the website please click the Deck button

July 2102

Coatingswithout Plasticisers
The vast range of ArcelorMattals coating range added to the website pleaseclick Coatings button

May 2012

Ondatherm900 Composite Roof at Port Harcourt Nigeria
Stadium Port Harcourt 33000m2 of Ondatherm 900 Secret Fix Composite Panel iswell on the way to completion PGA provided ArcelorMittal Projects inpartnership with Hollandia all the Engineering Design, Drawings, Sections,Details and Schedules for the envelope to the structure Please see gallery forphotos.

November 2011

GabonNational Stadium
The inaugural football match between Gabon and Brasil was played in the stadiumwere PGA Consultants provided Engineering, Design, Drawings, Sections, Detailsand Schedules for the envelope to the structure. The roof on this stadium isvery complcated to design as it is off a single single extra deep steelprofile, with the actual structural frame being suspended to eleviate anycolumns. This scenario required very detailed engineering as the Roof had to bedesigned to allow '000 of pernetrations throught the single skin profile. TheArcelorMittal Construction 79mm deep single skin roofing profile provided longspans and excellent water drainage required for the weather conditions in Gabon

PleaseYOUTUBE Gabon v Brasil to see some of the Stadium

March 2011

SilverstonePit Lane and Paddock Building
PGA Consultants provided the envelope design and scheduling on the very sophisticatedstructure and also sourced the manufacturers who provided the steel roofing andcladding elements

October 2010

GlasgowMuesum of Transport
This Icon building created by Architects Zaha Hadid was one of the demandingroofing structures PGA Consultants have been involved with.

PGAConsultants provided the Long Span Steel Decking design and scheduling on thevery sophisticated structure and also sourced the manufacturers who providedthe steel roofing decking profile


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